Kids Musical Journey    Tips to encourage your kids to play Musical Instruments.   Are you thinking of getting your child involved in music lessons and doubting  what lessons involve. You may be also wondering what benefits there are in  playing a musical instrument. You probably have few enquiries about what  kind of instrument you need.  Numerous studies have presented that playing music renovates the human  brain positively.  Piano lessons precisely improve perceptual motor skills i.e.  eye-hand coordination, fine motor-skills i.e. muscle control and concentration.  Math skills tend to improve as does the ability to speak a second language.  Playing the piano also teaches insistence, patience and provides a  enhancement in self-esteem and a sense of achievement. Playing music can be  a solo skill or can be enjoyed in groups.  Moreover, playing music is a talent  that can almost last a lifetime. It’s your everlasting gift to your kids. Music lessons with a competent teacher should be

Live Fanmeet of Magnus Haven from Sadek Music store - Deira

Magnus Haven was streaming live from Sadek Music on 20th March. The band is known for their hit song Imahe which is written by bassist Rey Maestro released in 2018. The band is composed of Rajih Mendoza (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), David Galang (vocals and keyboards), Louise Vaflor (lead guitar and backing vocals), Rey Maestro (bass guitar and backing vocals), Sean Espejo (drums and percussion). Mr George Sadek with Magnus Haven Band memebers.  

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How To Put On a Guitar Strap

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